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Информация о сайте для: f1.mk.ua


Whois информация для: f1.mk.ua

% This is the SUNIC WHOIS server.
% The Whois is subject to Terms of use
% See https://hostmaster.ua/documents.php
% In the process of delegation of a domain name,
% the Registrant is an entity who uses and manages a certain domain name,
% and the Registrar is a business entity that provides the Registrant
% with the services necessary for the technical maintenance of the
% registration and operation of the domain name.
% For information on the Registrant's domain name, you should contact the Registrar.

domain: f1.mk.ua
dom-public: NO
mnt-by: ua.rx
nserver: ns.secondary.net.ua
nserver: ns1.f1.mk.ua
status: ok
created: 2008-06-10T00:00:00+03:00
modified: 2018-06-19T23:13:04+03:00
expires: 2021-06-10T00:00:00+03:00
source: SUNIC
nserver: ns1.f1.mk.ua

% Registrar:
% ----------
registrar: ua.rx
organization: LLC OMNILANCE
organization-loc: ТОВ "ОМНІЛЕНС"
url: http://rx-name.ua
city: Mykolaiv
country: UA
abuse-url: https://rx-name.ua/company#contact-us
abuse-email: abuse@rx-name.ua
abuse-phone: +380.445937478
abuse-postal: https://rx-name.net/company#contact-us
abuse-postal-loc: https://rx-name.ua/company#contact-us
source: SUNIC