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Domain registration renewal — features of the service

If the domain expires, then, in this case, it must be renewed. If it is not done in time it can be bought by other persons and the client will lose the rights to it. To avoid problems with the site, you must register a name in a trusted company.

The features of the process

Any time a domain ends sooner or later. Depending on the zone, this period can reach 10 years. Often there is a limit of 1-3 years. There are other features of the operation. In some cases, you can do it no earlier than 4 months before the domain expires. Usually the procedure can be ordered 30 days before the end of the registration period. The company's managers “Regery” always happy to help customers in any situation.

To find out the expiration date of the domain name, you can use the “Whois” service. You need to fill out a form, enter the name of the site. After that, the client will see the registration end date and some other information. It is important to remember that the extension period is limited to 30 days. Once the release date is reached, the preemptive extension period is canceled. In this case, anyone can register the name of the site.

To avoid this, in the account of customers “Regery” provides automatic operation. There you can see the end time of registration and see a lot of other useful information, manage processes, certificates, subscriptions. If the customer does not know how to renew the domain himself, he can contact support or read the instructions.

How to perform the operation

Depending on the selected zone, you can order an extension 1-4 months before the end of the period. This can be done in your account. After selecting the domain you need to activate the appropriate option and make a payment. It will take no more than a few minutes.

How to check whether the extension occurred or not?

Perform a few simple steps:

  • Go to the “Whois” service.
  • Enter the name of the site.
  • View in the opened table on the date of registration.

Advantages of cooperation with the company

In the case of a transfer of your domain in the “Regery”, it automatically renews for a whole year, which is very beneficial, you can save. This is done quickly and easily. Ordering the transfer in the company “Regery”, a year not to pay for the service extension. If necessary, managers will help with the transfer.

The prices of the company established for services-very favorable. There are no hidden, additional payments. The client pays only the specified amount for the services. Support works around the clock and quickly answers any questions. The control panel is simple, convenient and clear. With its help, you can solve most problems.

The infrastructure is built on a reliable, secure platform. The company “Regery” presented a very wide range of domains at a bargain price. You can register a site name that does not contain English characters. It can include letters of Latin, Cyrillic and other alphabets. To see for yourself all the advantages of “Regery”, register and renew domains in the company, it is fast, inexpensive, simple.